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How to create an awesome Hackday event

What is a Hackday? Hackday (not to be confused with ‘hackathon’ events) is a live event where a group or groups of hackers do security testing to some target (i.e. hack the target). Usually the target is a web application or for example some IoT device. The event may last from one day to a […]

Evading Antivirus softwares

Evading Antivirus softwares 0x00 General Foreword: As the CIA Wikileaks articles mention, antivirus softwares can be bypassed pretty easily. Althought this article is primarily for penetration testing purposes, it also reweals how easy it is to circumvent antivirus softwares and restrictions. This article should show some ideas about how hackers work. Althought I found this […]

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TP-Link TL-SC3171G IP-camera r00t

TP-Link TL-SC3171G IP-camera r00t I have few of these and due to recent hackings of ip – cameras and IoT devices, I decided to take a look at my own cameras (that are behind NAT by the way)… It was an interesting thing to do some research on these devices and they were actually very […]