Tämän avoimen kirjeen on tarkoitus tavoittaa yliopistojen, ammattikorkeakoulujen, lukioiden ja ammattikoulujen tietoturvasta päättävät henkilöt. Team ROT tarjoaa yhdelle Suomalaiselle koululle ilmaisen teknisen tietoturvatestauksen.

This is a writeup for the Disobey 2018 hacker ticket puzzle. There were 50 “hacker” tickets available and the puzzle was open for about a month. It was a bit tougher this time than it was in previous years.

Fun experiences with Hack The Box and some advice for aspiring hackers to get things going.

As the CIA Wikileaks articles mention, antivirus softwares can be bypassed pretty easily. Althought this article is primarily for penetration testing purposes, it also reweals how easy it is to circumvent antivirus softwares and restrictions.
This article should show some ideas about how hackers work.

Lets go through an exploit module I built for Metasploit Framework.
In a nutshell, the exploit contains only a couple of key elements – a HTTP Client and Server and a generated malicious payload.
I needed an easy way to abuse a Remote Command Execution vulnerability. A full exploit module that would generate the selected payload and return a meterpreter reverse shell back to me. All in one go.

First post of the RoT Team Blog.